Camp Open Hands: A Modified Constraint Induced Therapy Camp

Contact us at 404-933-9869 for more information on dates and location.

2 to 15 years. Children are placed in groups according to their age.
: Monday - Friday, 9am to 3pm (age 2-3 years, hours 9am-1pm)
Location: TBD

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Camp Open Hands is designed for children with decreased use of one upper extremity due to Stroke, Cerebral Palsy, Head Injury, or other neurological injury. Children with orthopedic injuries such as Brachial Plexus Injury could also benefit. The camp has been designed as a therapeutic group program, which utilizes the concepts of CIMT and Bimanual Therapy. A removable lightweight fiberglass cast is custom made for each child to wear during camp hours.  Casts are worn during the entire camp day during the first week, and then wear is decreased 1 hour daily the third week to enable practice of 2-handed or bimanual skills. The children participate in fun activities built around daily themes led by occupational therapists.

While attending the camp, children experience increased confidence and motivation as they interact with peers faced with similar challenges. As a result they will gain improvements in fine and gross motor skills, motor planning, bilateral hand use, core strength, sensory awareness, and daily living skills.

Parents will meet with the occupational therapist as a group at the end of each day to review activities and progress, as well as at the end of camp for an individual session. This is important so that the parents can work with their children to ensure new skills developed in camp carry over into real life settings.

To reserve a place in the camp, your registration form and a deposit will be needed.

5% discount if registered four months in advance

Registration deadline is one month before scheduled camp date

Arrangements will need to be made for your child's evaluation and fabrication of their cast prior to the first day of camp.

Hotel Recomendations
Accommodations are available at Residence Inn and Intown Suites.
Mention Powerhouse Therapy for a reduced rate.

For more information contact:
Charlene Kurkjian, OTR/L CI
Program Director
Call 404-933-9869

You are also welcome to print or download a flier to share with your doctor, therapist, family member, or friend: Powerhouse Therapy Flyer

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