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Children with upper extremity hemiplegia are challenged in using both hands together. This results in an inability to function at the same level as their peers causing frustration in completing simple tasks like eating, self care, and play.

To address these challenges, Powerhouse Therapy utilizes the concepts of Constraint Induced Movement therapy (CIMT). and Bimanual Training. CIMT is a family of treatments that teach the brain to "rewire" itself. Over 150 published studies support the use of CIMT and research has shown that this intensive model is substantially more effective than traditional therapy.

Your child has an opportunity to participate in this intensive treatment in two different fun and motivating settings:

Camp Open Hands: A Modified Constraint Induced Therapy Camp
Contact us at 404-933-9869 for more information on dates and location.

A summer camp utilizing constraint induced movement therapy and bimanual therapy.

Individual Intensive Therapy Program
3-week treatment sessions, 5 days per week from 3-6 hours daily, depending on age.

The Goal
The goal with each child is to improve their quality of movement and amount of use of the affected arm and hand in activities of daily living. Improvements may include:
Use of arm, hand and fingers
Skills to care for self (feeding, dressing, etc)
Awareness of the impaired upper extremity
Motivation and self confidence

Who is Eligible?
Camp: age 2 through 15 years (grouped according to age)
Individual sessions: age 1 through adults
All who have limited use of one side of their body due to diagnosis such as:
Cerebral Palsy
Pediatric Stroke
Head Injury
Brachial Plexus Injury

For more information contact:
Charlene Kurkjian, OTR/L CI
Program Director
Call 404-933-9869

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